Motivational Speaking

An experienced and dynamic speaker is essential to rounding out and inspiring your audience.  Barney has a dynamic presence, ability to deliver a powerful message and a unique style.

He has industry experiences, knowledge of the corporate structure system and 25+ years as a Toastmaster to tailor and organize his presentation to the needs of the audience.

Individuals-Speech Mastery:

  • Connecting – Learn how using the right introduction, good listening skills, and positive body language will create valuable and lasting relationships.
  • WOW Presentations – Have you asked the event planner: “What would be a Wow for you?”  Develop your presentation to really connect with your audience.
  • 5 Tips on How to Use Your Voice Effectively –  Learn how to control your voice and tone to convey your message.
  • Humor – Use humor in your presentation to engage your audience, but know how much and when it should be used.

Contact Barney for your next event’s keynote speaker, a presenter, or as a public advocate.

Barney Barnum, affectionately known as “The Connector” in local business circles, brings a highly-engaged network of experts with the distinct capability of impacting any business, focusing on “bridging the gap” – bringing people/businesses together toward successful connections and reaching their dreams. Barney has a well sculpted way of thinking through developed core competencies. His mission is to help others gain the high ground through public speaking and highly developed leadership styles. He is an Executive Speech Coach, writer, and Trainer with a sub-focus on Youth Leadership training at all age levels. ~Paul DeBellis