“80% of success is showing up” – Woody Allen.

So many things we do these days are digital. However, often times, the brick and mortar rules are just as relevant as ever.  In our internet shops, blog websites, our podcasts.  In many ways, the conversation of “Showing up” has

The Six Steps to Receive a Presidential Citation

How does a person get one? It depends. What organization are you asking about? Why would you care? Why would you want one? I can tell you how to earn one, if you’d like. Step #1: Work with people who

Your Voice From Within

February 4, 2014 Your Voice From Within My previous Blog was about listening and the need to give your full attention to the speaker. If you happen to be the speaker, how are you using your voice to convey what

Effective Listening

January 21, 2014 Effective Listening – Did I hear what I think I heard? I believe the most critical and vital, all-important, overriding issue in all communications – at any level – is LISTENING. Developing good and effective habits of

The Importance of Clarity

January 7, 2014: The Importance of Clarity – What Do You Say After You Say Hello? Recently I was part of a collaborative business discussion about the concept of clarity. What evolved was a thought process put in a different