For over 30 years, Barney has worked with professionals as their Coach, Mentor, and Connector to go from ‘good to great’ in their personal achievement and performance to take them to the next level in their career. He is a forward thinking connector who is a conduit for business leaders and a marketing maven. Barney primarily focuses on executive-level speakers and corporate managers who want to get ahead and push their careers forward.

Leadership Training
Leadership Training Services include Coaching (trainer and instructor), Mentoring For Success, and serving as an Advisor. As a true Connector for many industry contacts, success comes through working with and serving others. True Transformation requires that your desires and needs are put into Positive Actions toward life-long SUCCESS.

Through this technique, you will discover a new world of idea associations, problem-solving techniques, brainstorming and decision-making ideas. Realize how simple memory improvement and concentration will become when you take Barney’s specialized training.

Youth Mentorship
Being deeply involved in the development of today’s youth who are the future leaders and communicators is an important and specialized mission for Barney. Many of today’s youth are missing the essential skills needed to be effective and instrumental leaders. Barney uses unique and time-tested techniques to draw out and empower the leader from within.

Barney makes things happen. When I met Barney he was leading a session at Toastmasters International. He had the entire audience mesmerized. He is a dynamic speaker and motivator, and he gets things moving. It is a pleasure to know and work with Barney on projects. He brings refreshing insights to every discussion. If you want to have things moving in the right direction you will want to work with Barney Barnum. ~Bill Franklin, MindSet